The Fire Below Us & Fire Mountains of the West (DVD 2-Disc Combo)

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The Fire Below Us & Fire Mountains of the West (DVD 2-Disc Combo)
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Enjoy two incredible DVDs for the price of one! The Fire Below us & Fire Mountains of the West DVD 2-disc combo offers two very informative and dramatic documentaries detailing the eruption of Mount St. Helens as well as the potential destructive power of some of the world's most dangerous volcanoes right in the Cascade mountain range of the Pacific Northwest.

Aired numerous times to rave reviews and high ratings on National Geographic Explorer, PBS, and internationally on the Discovery Channel, The Fire Below Us is a seven-time award winning film featuring compelling personal stories of survivors as well as the events leading up to the Mount St. Helens 1980 eruption and its aftermath.

In 1980, the film's producer, Michael Lienau, was a 20-year-old cameraman with a film crew attempting to capture the first ground level shots of the devastation. When a second eruption shook the ground, they narrowly escaped death when the blast rocketed over their heads. Trapped for three days, the crew became the story they were covering, and were even declared missing and presumed dead. Miraculously, they survived when a rescue helicopter finally spotted them. This thrilling DVD contains the entire film, plus extra footage and bonus material not previously released.

Learn why the eruption of any one of these volcanoes could be bigger than Mount St. Helens' infamous 1980 eruption with Fire Mountains of the West: The Cascade Volcanoes. In this sequel to The Fire Below Us, explore the dangers facing the millions of people who live in the path of these potentially explosive fire mountains. Join scientists and volcano experts as they describe the history of previous devastating eruptions and warn of the specific hazards each volcano presents today. This DVD includes vivid 3D animation and breathtaking aerial, ground, and scenic footage.
Features: The Fire Below Us: 68 minutes. 1994. Fire Mountains of the West: 32 minutes. 2010.