The Challenge of Rainier

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Author: Dee Molenaar
ISBN: 9781594855207
The Challenge of Rainier
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In his classic work of climbing history, The Challenge of Rainier, Dee Molenaar has gathered the human history of Mount Rainier from the first European observations of the mountain in 1792 through the early explorations, historic climbs, and development of the national park, to modern-day speed records and quirky "firsts." He has drawn not only on his own seventy-year history with the mountain but also on interviews with notable figures and on guide and park records to compile basic facts about getting around the mountain, personal anecdotes, and accounts of some of the tragedies and amazing survivals that have occurred on its flanks.
Features: Paperback. 2011. 430 pp. Many black and white images, chronological summary, suggested reading, and index. 6 x 9 x 1 in.