The Blue Heart Exhibition

The Blue Heart Exhibition


Hello, our names are Dwight Hwang and Duncan Berry and we are artist advocates for our climate and the oceans.

Have you ever wanted to do something positive about the dramatic climate driven changes that are sweeping our world, but didn’t know where to begin? We felt the same way, so we went into our studios and got busy telling the emotive and amazing stories of how changes in our climate are showing up in the lives of those creatures that share the land, sea and air all around us here along America's western shoreline.

Now you can too. Join us in our Blue Heart campaign, enabling the results of our years of work depicting the intimate face of climate change to tour America, in order to viscerally influence hundreds of thousands of viewers to better understand their relationship to the ocean and climate, and be moved to take action.

Play the important role of a funder. The return on your investment will be high. This exhibition has the potential to literally reach millions of people, inspiring and educating them about their own relationship to the climate and the sea. (Our recent exhibits at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Santa Barbara Maritime Museum have been viewed by over 600,000 people.)

Your contribution to this campaign will help us move people in a way that simple facts or news reports cannot, connecting each of them to the sea and our planet's climate, to meet this, the greatest challenge of our lifetimes.

Blue Heart. Beauty and change along Americas western shoreline.