Shasta Dam: California's Empire Builder (DVD)

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Shasta Dam: California's Empire Builder (DVD)
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Born in the 1930s' Great Depression, Shasta Dam helped reshape California into an agricultural oasis and into one of the world's greatest economic powers. Over 500' deep at full pool, its waters can power a metropolis the size of San Francisco while providing water for millions.

Big bands were the soundtrack of the "New Deal" era and the building of Shasta Dam, as the nation pulled itself out of desperate times with the greatest building boom in world history. Shasta Dam, Golden Gate Bridge, and other grand public works were built for the greater good and laid the foundation for America's prosperity.

Discover the fascinating story behind the dam, its boom towns, and the builders who left to fight World War II for the nation they believed in. This film is a tribute to the greatest generation who overcame poverty, stifling heat, flood, and adversity to catapult the United States to the forefront of economic power and engineering prowess. Along the way, they remade California and changed the face of the nation.
Features: 80 minute feature film / 22 minute film (+ captioned version). Hi Fi Stereo. Digitally Mastered in HDTV. 2018.