Passport to Your National Parks: Junior Ranger Edition

Item #: 22047
Author: Ron Thomson and Dave Klug
ISBN: 978-1-59091-198-3
Passport to Your National Parks: Junior Ranger Edition
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The Passport To Your National Parks Junior Ranger Edition is your guide to exploring the incredible world of our national parks! For young people ages 6-13, the book is filled with fascinating information, wonderful color illustrations, fun activities, and amazing photos of our magnificent national parks.

The Junior Ranger Edition has spaces to collect official national park cancellations, places to paste photos of your national park visits, and pages to collect the annual series of Junior Ranger Passport stickers. You can also earn official Junior Ranger Passport cancellations every time you complete a park's Junior Ranger program!

The Junior Ranger Edition lets you explore the national parks in each region of the United States and learn about the natural beauty, wildlife, and history each national park has been established to protect.

Includes a free set of colorful Junior Ranger Passport stickers!
Features: Soft cover. Spiral-bound. 102 pp. Includes colorful illustrations and stickers. 9 x 7 x 0.5 in.