Outdoor Knots

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Outdoor Knots
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Knots have three practical purposes - to attach a rope to another rope, to attach a rope to an object or to allow a rope to perform a function. All knots have multiple uses. This Duraguide provides simplified step-by-step reference on how to tie the most popular outdoor knots including those used for boating, fishing, climbing and camping. Learn a variety of ways to tie on to a post or rail, join lines together, shorten ropes, stop a line from running, bind materials together and rigging popular climbing and fishing knots. Printed on waterproof paper, this lightweight, pocket-sized folding guide is an excellent source of portable information that can be used to solve a variety of outdoor challenges. Made in the USA.
Features: Waterproof. Many color illustrations. 4"x 8.25" folded; 8.25" x 24" unfolded.