Nature Obscura: A City's Hidden Natural World

Item #: 22632
Author: Kelly Brenner
ISBN: 9781680512076
Nature Obscura: A City's Hidden Natural World
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With wonder and a sense of humor, Kelly Brenner examines the rich, natural urban landscape to reveal surprising creatures and their intricate microhabitats. In her hometown of Seattle, she explores shores, wetlands, forests and neighborhood parks to expose strange, often overlooked organisms - tardigrades, hummingbirds, spiders, dragonflies, slime molds, sword ferns, muskrats, and more. Nature Obscura may inspire you to follow a fly, spy on a murder of crows, or squeeze moss to find a water bear. Nature exists in our cities, if only we look.
Features: Paperback. 2020. 206 pp. A few black and white illustrations. 8 x 5.5 in.