National Parks Poster Art of the WPA Puzzle

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ISBN: 9781619836426
National Parks Poster Art of the WPA Puzzle
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National Park posters originally created between 1935 and 1943 as well as newly created posters in the WPA style are featured on this colorful and historic 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle that celebrate our national parks. The WPA or Works Progress Administration was established by presidential order in 1935, and by 1943 had employed more than 8 million workers. Seven percent of the WPA budget went for arts projects, producing 475,000 artworks through the Federal Writers' Project, the Federal Theatre Project, the Federal Music Project, and the Federal Art Project. The efforts of the Federal Art Project are mainly known today by the 4000 public murals that survive on the walls of public buildings. Perhaps least known are the more than 2 million posters that were printed by the Federal Art Project's poster division. These posters were based on 35,000 designs, of which approximately 2000 posters survive today.
Features: 1000 interlocking pieces. Made in the USA. Puzzle size: 17.25 x 26.5 in.