Mt. Rainier National Park - Centennial Edition Map

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Author: Stanley Friedman
Mt. Rainier National Park - Centennial Edition Map
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Three teams of cartographers in two countries applied their specialties to create a seven-color topographic map of the entire Mount Rainier National Park, at a 1:30,000 scale, with detailed shaded relief and illustrations of the physical features of the land. The result is a three dimensional effect that provides a clear picture of the terrain you plan on traversing. The territory covered includes all or part of 12 USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle maps. The elevation samplings are taken every 10 meters (other maps take them every 30 meters). No more wondering about what those topographic lines really mean. You can see the trail going into a ravine, or across a rockslide, or up to a cliff.

This map won Best of Show, and Best in Category (Reference) at the 27th Annual Map Design Competition of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. The map provides locations of:
  • All approved hiking trails (including Wonderland Trail)
  • Back country campsites
  • Seven of the best known routes for climbing the Mountain
  • Three "High Traverse" circumnavigation routes (from 7,000 to 11,000 foot elevation)
  • All visitors facilities

    Currently, Mt. Rainier Maps and guides are created, published, and distributed by Stanley Maps and are being used by Mount Rainier National Park climbing rangers, the Park's Director of Communications, commercial guides, and as reference material for the Seattle Mountain Rescue organization. With detailed information on climbing tips and recommended equipment, the Mt. Rainier Climbing Guide maps by Stanley Maps are essential for anyone looking to scale Mount Rainier.
    Features: Waterproof, tear resistant. Scale: 1:30,000. 10 x 8 in. folded. 56 x 40 in. unfolded.