Mount St. Helens: 30 Years of Change (DVD)

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Mount St. Helens: 30 Years of Change (DVD)
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The awakening of Mount St. Helens in early 1980 started with a few deep earthquakes below the mountain, and soon grew into signs of volcanic life when cracks in the summit snow appeared and a steam vent blew open a small fissure. More concerns arose when the north side began to bulge at a rate of 5 feet a day. On May 18, 1980, the largest landslide in recorded history was unleashed as one side of the mountain gave way and a massive 9 hour eruption created an ash cloud that would soon eclipse cities to the east in the middle of the day.

Explore what happened 30 years ago, the immediate aftermath, and the amazing changes that have occurred at Mount St. Helens with Mount St. Helens: 30 Years of Change. This DVD also includes extra bonus features such as a 2-day trip planner, Mount St. Helens by air, and extra interview segments.

Features: 60 minutes. 2010.