Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide (3rd Ed.)

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Author: Mike Gauthier
ISBN: 9781594858420
Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide (3rd Ed.)
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As the Lower 48's most glaciated (and fifth tallest) summit, Mount Rainier attracts world-class climbers from all over the globe, as well as besotted locals who call it simply "the Mountain." No matter what your level of familiarity with this iconic peak in Washington State, you'll find everything you need to know to reach its summit in Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide. A bestselling reference by former climbing ranger Mike Gauthier, this completely updated edition describes dozens of climbing routes and features an all-new chapter on the best descents for skiers and snowboarders. Inside you'll also find:

  • Full-color aerial photographs of the routes
  • Details on more than 40 principal climbing routes and 25 major glaciers, plus two routes on Little Tahoma, Washington's third highest peak
  • Tips on selecting a climbing guide service
  • Route beta on the best ski and snowboard descents
  • Overview of Mount Rainier National Park
  • Avalanche safety, weather, and health information
  • Capsule histories of ascents, accidents, and rescues along with stories of some of the most interesting characters from the mountain's history
Mike Gauthier is Chief of Staff for Yosemite National Park. He has summited Mount Rainier more than 180 times via more than 30 different routes and variations in all seasons and manner of conditions.
Features: Paperback. 2017. 231 pp. Many photos with route overlays. Glossary, suggested reading, and index. 7 x 8.5 x 0.5 in.