Hurricane Ridge Poster by Paul A. Lanquist

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Author: Illustrated by Paul A. Lanquist
Hurricane Ridge Poster by Paul A. Lanquist
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In this beautiful piece, artist Paul A. Lanquist depicts the Olympics towering majestically over evergreens silhouetted in the foreground on Hurricane Ridge. With icy colors and sharp clean lines, the jagged glacial features of the Olympic Mountains create an impression of crisp freshness. Hurricane Ridge, known for offering amazing views into the heart of the Olympics, is a popular destination for many visitors to Olympic National Park. With stunning scenery and many winter recreation activities, the area is noted for its abundance of wildlife and alpine atmosphere. With a font design typical of the 1940s, this gorgeous illustration would make a wonderful collector's item or excellent gift for a lover of the outdoors.
Features: Matte finish. Measures 11 x 17 in.