Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts

Item #: 21992
Author: Amber Casali
ISBN: 9781680510607
Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts
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Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts highlights 44 memorable lookouts in the Cascades and Olympics, all accessible by trails on public lands. Ranging from a short half-hour stroll to a full day (or more) of strenuous hiking, each route features a detailed description and includes:

  • fun facts about the unique structure and its architecture
  • if and when you can venture into the lookout
  • full-color map and photos
  • roundtrip hiking distance and elevation gain
  • GPS coordinates for the trailhead
  • details on permits and fees
  • driving directions and nearby campsites
Brimming with fascinating history, this guide details how to stay in or near the lookouts overnight and how to help maintain or volunteer at these historic structures. A handful of bonus lookouts across the state and several "relocated" lookouts at museums and interpretive centers round out your tick list.
Features: Paperback. 2018. Many color photos and maps, appendix, resources, and index. 7 x 9 x 0.6