Haystack Rock Poster by Paul A. Lanquist

Item #: 17191
Author: Illustrated by Paul A. Lanquist
Haystack Rock Poster by Paul A. Lanquist
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Cannon Beach and its singularly magnificent Haystack Rock is a beloved symbol of the exquisite Oregon Coast. With millions of visitors flocking to this destination every year, the raw and wild beauty of the windswept shores of this Oregon beach are depicted on this poster with dramatic style and flair. With golden, windblown clouds and the dalliance of seagulls swaying in the warm light, artist Paul A. Lanquist captures a sense of Oregon and its world-renowned seaside. As Haystock Rock firmly anchors the spaciousness and airiness of this picturesque scene, this rich image evokes a natural freshness and beauty that any lover of the outdoors will most wholly enjoy.
Features: Matte finish. Measures 11 x 17 in.