Hancock Mammal Quarry: John Day Fossil Beds Puzzle

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Hancock Mammal Quarry: John Day Fossil Beds Puzzle
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Assemblages within the John Day Basin preserve an extraordinary fossil record that stretches millions of years through the Age of Mammals. In the depths of the Clarno strata lies a 40 million year old point bar, formed by the buildup of sediment traveling around the bend of an ancient stream. Seasonal flooding of Clarno's semitropical forests washed an incredible variety of animals and plants to the bar, preserving the remains of a diverse habitat rich with a variety of organisms. Dozens of strange-looking animals are fossilized in the Hancock Mammal Quarry.

The 500 piece Hancock Mammal Quarry jigsaw puzzle features many of these unique animals from Epihippus gracilis to Eubrontotherium clarnoensis. It's a great memento of a visit to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, and a great take-along activity on family camping trips or an excellent challenge on a rainy day indoors.
Features: 500 pieces. Ages 13 and up. Completed puzzle dimensions: 19.25 x 26.625 in.