Great Walks of the Olympic Peninsula

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Author: Robert Gilmore, Eileen Oktavec
ISBN: 9781879741072
Great Walks of the Olympic Peninsula
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Great Walks guides carefully describe and, with beautiful full-color photographs, lavishly illustrate only the best walks in the world. And for your convenience they really are pocket size!

Great walks are often relatively short and usually on smooth, gently graded trails. Most important, they feature often-continuous views of the world's most beautiful and interesting scenery. The Olympic Peninsula has 62 great walks and three honorable mentions - more than any other region of its size in America. Forty-two walks are in Olympic National Park, which has more great walks than any other national park.

The walks take you through mile-high meadows with uninterrupted views of snow-capped Olympic peaks; along wild Pacific beaches adorned with seastacks, arches, and other ocean sculpture; through rain-soaked temperate rain forests where trees grow as much as 12 feet wide; and to spellbinding waterfalls, cascading streams, and mountain-rimmed lakes.

Great Walks tells you where the best ones start, where they go and exactly what you see from each one - so you can know, in advance, precisely what each walk has to offer and why it's worth your time to take. That's why it's your indispensable guide to great walking on the Olympic Peninsula!
Features: Paperback. 1999. 335 pp. Many color photos. 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.7 in.