Frontier Legacy: History of the Olympic National Forest: 1897 to 1960

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Author: J.R. Rooney
ISBN: 0914019589
Frontier Legacy: History of the Olympic National Forest: 1897 to 1960
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Over the last two centuries the Olympic Peninsula has encountered great change, yet still contains the largest and most diverse wilderness area in Washington State. Forest historian Jack Rooney provides a well illustrated history of the wild peninsula from the late 1800s through the 1960s as seen from the perspectives of the hearty individuals working on the land with and for the U.S. Forest Service. Drawing from diary entries and work logs, official accounts, memoirs, personal reminiscences, and many photographs and reproductions, Rooney tells the forest's history from the first designation of the Olympic Forest Reserve in 1897 through the complex challenges presented by the 21st century.

In Frontier Legacy, the author clearly conveys the ongoing changes experienced as the Olympic Peninsula came under pressures from the intense industrial demand of a booming local population, the sacrifices of two world wars, controversy around the creation of an Olympic National Park in 1938, and up through the significant changes and practices introduced by the Multiple-Use Act of 1960. Many of the vital, fundamental, social and environmental issues and decisions confronted a century ago still remain to be reckoned with today. Though he attributed the completion of Frontier Legacy to the many other thoughtful women and men who took photographs, contributed documentation, or simply cared and saved important maps and artifacts, Jack Rooney has made an indelible contribution to preserving this history of the Olympic National Forest and that of Olympic Peninsula.
Features: Paperback. 2007. 154 pp. Many black and white photos. 6 x 9 in.