Discover Your Forest Lava Butte Lookout Donation

Discover Your Forest Lava Butte Lookout Donation


Lava Butte Lookout is one of the most-visited fire lookouts in the West. As one of the Deschutes National Forest's key fire detection sources, it serves the Forest and its neighbors by providing early detection of wildfires in an area well-known for fast-moving fires. From the two-story lookout, a glass-enclosed viewing room provides a panoramic view of the landscape's numerous fire scars, lava flows and volcanic features. This viewing platform provides a perfect opportunity to display and share information with visitors, enhancing their experience by communicating the science, use and history of the area.

By donating today, you can help support the development and installation of interpretive displays to tell the stories of amazing historic events and learn about the fascinating world of fire lookouts, fire ecology and wildland fire management.