Detroit Ranger District Map: Willamette NF

Item #: 02608
Author: U.S. Forest Service
ISBN: 9781593515843
Detroit Ranger District Map: Willamette NF
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Use this map to explore Willamette National Forest's Detroit Ranger District. With Forest Service roads, highways, and trails clearly marked, this map includes the Opal Creek, Bull of the Woods, Middle Santiam and Mount Jefferson Wildernesses. Waterproof and tear-resistant, if you're heading out to Detroit Ranger District, this would definitely be the map to take.

NOTE: Many areas in this forest require a "day-use" fee.
See several pass purchasing options, including the Northwest Forest Recreation ePass and Annual Pass.
Features: Waterproof. 2012. Scale: 1:63,360. 4 x 9 in. folded. 36 x 40 in. unfolded.