Day Hiking: Mount Rainier (2nd Ed.)

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Author: Tami Asars
ISBN: 1978594850608
Day Hiking: Mount Rainier (2nd Ed.)
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With old-growth evergreens, wildflower meadows, enchanting wildlife, raging rivers, and sparkling lakes set against a backdrop of ice flows, gaping crevasses, and crumbling sheer rock walls, Mount Rainier National Park is a special sanctuary for locals and visitors alike. This all new second edition of Day Hiking: Mount Rainier includes short and easy hikes as well as longer and more challenging options. The guide features 80 hikes in, and just outside, the national park with detailed topo route maps and full-color photos throughout. There are charts to help hikers of all levels find the right hike for their mood and time, as well as length and elevation data, clear driving and parking instructions, and trail descriptions written in the author’s encouraging and humorous voice.

Areas covered:
White River/Sunrise
Carbon River/Mowich Lake
Greenwater/Crystal Mountain
Cayuse Pass/SR 123/Packwood
Chinook Pass/SR 410
Stevens Canyon Road
Ashford/Nisqually Entrance/Westside Road/Longmire
Paradise Area
Features: Paperback. 2018. 270 pp. Many color photos, trail maps, appendices, and index. 5 x 7 x 0.5 in.