Central Washington Cascades Recreation Map

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Author: U.S. Forest Service, BLM, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, NPS
ISBN: 9781593515614
Central Washington Cascades Recreation Map
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Encompassing 2.2 million acres, the Wenatchee National Forest extends about 135 miles along the east side of the Cascade crest from Lake Chelan in the north to the Yakima Indian Reservation in the south. The forest's abundance and variety of recreation opportunities and its proximity to major population centers make it one of the most heavily visited National Forests in the nation each year. Use this map to navigate the trails and roads of Wenatchee National Forest along with regions of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area and the Spokane District.
Features: Paper (plastic coated). 2015. Scale: 1:126,720. 4 x 9 in. folded. 40 x 48 in. unfolded.