Cape Perpetua: Discovery at the Edge (DVD)

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Cape Perpetua: Discovery at the Edge (DVD)
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Two video programs on one DVD!

Cape Perpetua: Discovery at the Edge
A dense temperate rainforest, with twice the botanical mass per square acre of the Amazon rainforest, meets the Pacific Ocean at the majestic headlands of Cape Perpetua. The ocean is the great reservoir of life. It provides fresh water to the land as rain and snow, which then returns to the ocean as rivers and streams. This monumental coastline is continually shaped and transformed by the movement of the sea. The dynamic forces of the ocean are visibly at work on the coast forming coves, caves, chutes, and spouting horns while creating intertidal zones rich with life. Gulls, sea lions, seals, and raccoons as well as sea urchins, sea stars, and hermit crabs all make their homes here. The many inhabitants that thrive in this special place have adapted well to this unique, tough, and constantly changing environment. 16 minutes.

The Oregon Dunes are a rare place on earth--a vast expanse of sand like the great deserts--in the midst of a rainforest! A place where wind and rain sculpt the landscape in dramatic ways. This 40-mile long stretch of the coastline transitions from ocean beach into varying combinations of dunes, deflation plains, tree islands, estuaries, transitional forests, and coastal lakes. A constant flow of shifting sand has transformed this landscape over tens of thousands of years and still visibly changes hour by hour. In most places on earth it takes aeons to see geology at work; at the Oregon Dunes, it happens before your eyes. 11 minutes.
Features: 27 minutes.