Cape Perpetua Collaborative Donation

Cape Perpetua Collaborative Donation


Our vision is to foster conservation and collaboration within local communities for scientific exchange, management, awareness, and stewardship from the land to the sea in and around Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve.

Guiding Principles
These principles guide all management tasks and activities implemented by collaborative partners.
  • Engaging in Partnerships: Partners understand the importance and value that exists from communicating and working together and will strive to support one another through active communication and partnership.

  • Leveraging Resources: Partners will seek opportunities to streamline efforts and leverage human and financial resources to advance management, monitoring, and the public engagement, safety, and enjoyment of Cape Perpetua special management areas.*

  • Ensuring Community Engagement: Partners understand the importance of building community and public confidence and understanding in management and monitoring efforts within Cape Perpetua special management areas. As such, all partners will be forthcoming, honest and open in communications about actions related to Cape Perpetua special management areas monitoring and ongoing management.

    *Includes all natural and cultural resource areas and sites in and around the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve.

    The Cape Perpetua area, in the central coastal region of Oregon, includes the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area, numerous state parks, Audubon’s Ten Mile Creek Sanctuary, US Forest Service areas (including the Siuslaw National Forest, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, and the Rock Creek and Cummins Creek Wilderness Areas), a Globally Important Bird Area, the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon’s Ocean Shore State Recreation Area, and numerous other sites and natural and cultural resources that provide habitats for migratory and resident seabirds, marine mammals, and native fish and wildlife as well as places for people to recreate. Cape Perpetua exemplifies the land-sea connection, a unique place where land and sea intersect to produce productive coastal rainforests and ocean upwelling that fuels a productive food web.

    Working together and coordinating conservation efforts in this region will help make efficient use to leverage available resources, and accelerate the pace at which Oregonians are made aware of, appreciate, understand and support the natural and cultural values of this region.