A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon

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Author: Stephen R. Whitney
ISBN: 0898864895
A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon
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If you've ever marveled at the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, you've probably thought about taking an up close and personal look at the area, too. Well, now you can! A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon describes and illustrates the area's plants and animals, and offers fascinating in-depth information on the natural history and geology of this dramatic region. You'll find complete species information (including common and scientific names, notable features, and more) on more than 480 plants and animals coupled with beautifully illustrated full-page plates for easy reference. Also included is a geologic history of the Canyon with illustrations detailing the formation of one of the world's great natural wonders.

Features: Paperback. 2010. 269 pp. Many color and black and white illustrations, suggested references, and index. 5.5 x 8.25 x 0.75 in.