4CAST Project Donation

4CAST Project Donation


Who ~ The 4CAST Project is a dynamic collaborative made up of state and federal agencies, institutions of higher learning, and NGO’s serving the environment & education. We are working together to observe, record, express, and derive insights regarding the dramatic climactic changes that are going on right now inside our oceans, along our coastlines and within our communities.

What ~ Observing the thermal effects of climate change on 4 interrelated coastal habitats.

Why ~ As a community of scientists, artists, and citizens we are concerned by the rapid destabilization of the climate here along our vibrant and diverse western shoreline. We are responding by employing art, science, and traditional ecological knowledge to observe and interpret 4 habitats across a “whole” coastal ecosystem, and in the process gaining insights and taking action. We are using a variety of media to communicate and engage with the citizens of the Northwest in order to build a robust community of volunteers to realize our vision.

Where ~ The sentinel site for the 4CAST Project is the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve on the beautiful central Oregon Coast.

And You ~ Thank you for your support!