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In addition to the many educational programs and projects we support, we also make it possible for thousands of public lands visitors to receive a variety of free newspapers, maps, and other publications that help them discover and appreciate the area visited. These resources offer valuable information, news updates, safety tips, and other information on special events and volunteer opportunities designed to help each visitor have a rewarding experience.

Support Stewardship of Public Lands With a Donation.

People who understand the value of public lands help care for them.
Help us provide free newspapers, maps, and other publications that educate visitors about the history, culture, and geology that make our public lands so special and worth caring for - for generations to come.

Yes, I want to help visitors understand and appreciate northwest public lands!

Make a donation to the NWIA Free Publications Program

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Support educational programs and services that inspire visitors to become stewards of Northwest public lands. A contribution today helps ensure that you and your family will enjoy wonderful experiences at your favorite public land area for generations to come. 100% of your contribution will be used at the area you choose.

Pick your favorite place and donate today!